Exercise After Baby

Left picture: 81/2 months pregnant. Right Picture: 10 weeks postpartum.

I know it takes most people awhile to get back to their pre-baby body after they have their little one. But for some reason I thought I was going to be different. I was expecting to bounce back faster than I actually am. I seriously thought that a few days after I had Weston I would have my abs back and my skin would be tight again…but NEWS FLASH! It’s actually hard work to get your body back Chels! I am now 10 weeks postpartum and no where near where I thought I would be physically. I guess I had to give myself a reality check and realize that these things take time.

I didn’t do much research about working out after giving birth. I thought I’d be able to do the same workouts as I did pre-baby (I do NOT know what I was thinking haha).  I was SO excited to start working out again, so at the six week recommended waiting mark, I jumped right back into things. I went to the gym with my little sister and we did the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide which I did pre-baby. We worked week one: legs & cardio. I kept up pretty well and was actually surprised at how good I did.

As soon as we got home from the gym my legs were already suppperrrr sore. In my mind I was thinking, if I’m this sore now I’m going to die tomorrow! And oh man did I die….My legs were sooo sore, I couldn’t even walk up the stairs without being in horrible pain. I couldn’t workout for another full week.

Finally after a whole week of waiting for the soreness in my legs to go away, I could finally workout again! Think again…I got sick. I was sick for another full week and was so sad that I couldn’t work out. (If you know me, you know I love to workout so this was actually really upsetting to me). I’m pretty sure I got sick because I didn’t ease into working out and it was just too much for my body to handle.

Week eight postpartum and I can finally workout again! This time, I researched workouts for women to do after baby and how to strengthen certain muscle groups in order for me to get back to my pre-baby body safely. I took it slow in the gym that week. I would walk with an incline for 30 minutes each day and added in some light weight lifting working different muscle groups each day.

I definitely learned my lesson from the first time I tried working out and was too sore to even walk. I guess I just had to learn the hard way! After easing into things and getting my body prepared, I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide again. I am now in the middle of week two, which was arms and abs.

I know that getting back in shape is going to be a journey, and a hard one at that! I just didn’t know how frustrating it would be to not look the same, workout as intense, or do what I used to be able to do. But at the same time it doesn’t upset me because I know my body just went through a huge ordeal to make a baby! Mentally I am ready to do things I used to, but my body isn’t and that’s okay. I just have to be patient.

Needless to say, reality hit me when I realized it was going to take time to get back into shape. I know I will get back eventually I just have to stay positive!

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2 thoughts on “Exercise After Baby

  1. Definitely. I thought the same thing. Worked out 5 days a week my whole first pregnancy, worked out 2-3x during my second (forget it with my 3rd lol i was too busy and sick and tired that go round) and each time was different for me postpartum. Each time it took a bit longer to get back. Even now 4 months pp i am struggling. Mind you, having 3 to chase after REALLY affects my motivation to even get up haha. It’s much easier to sit and eat during their naps than to work out. And diligence is a thing of the past. Needless to say, my postpartum journey round 3 is rougher. Usually by now i have lost my pregnancy weight and back into ALL my preprego jeans. Currently i am 15# above and while I fit into my old clothes not comfortably. And my cute under things still get eaten alive by my butt xD lol! This article is encouraging Chels! Thx!

    1. I totally understand too I was super tired towards the end of my pregnancy.It was exhausting just to go to the grocery store! I give you huge props for having three little ones and are still working out! You are awesome!! Just remember things take time and you will get back to your pre pregnancy size. Just stick with it!

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